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In every project, we strive to provide you with exceptional, high-quality artwork while maintaining outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Each service is explained in detail below, click on the links to the left to see examples of each from Dale’s extensive portfolio.
Digital Art & Illustration: Digital artwork is created using the computer, software, and a digital drawing pad with a pencil and airbrush tools. The completed artwork is in a digital form that can easily be used for many different applications. Illustration artwork can be created digitally with the computer or by hand on many different mediums in many different ways including airbrush, pencil sketches, and traditional painting.
Airbrush and Custom Painting: This artwork is created by hand using an airbrush and other custom painting tools. The artwork can be created on motorcycles, automobiles, RV’s, helmets, walls, musical instruments, and anything else that will hold still long enough to be painted.
Digital Renderings: A digital rendering is used to provide a preliminary image of a completed design, paint scheme, or product. A digital rendering can be used by the customer in many ways including a very effective means to sell a product or an idea to a client. Click on the digital rendering link on the left to view samples of digital renderings and how they can be used in your business.
Graphic Design: We utilize graphic design to provide you and your company with business promotion designs including logos, business cards, brochures, posters, advertisements, vehicle lettering and window lettering. We custom design your business promotional items to provide you with innovative and unique business solutions.
Website Design: Dale combines his artistic and creative techniques with his extensive computer skills to provide unique and professional websites with custom graphics and animations. Dale can create a new website or re-design your existing website to give it a fresh artistic look. Dale can also provide you with routine maintenance and updates for the completed website.
Fine Art & Oil Painting: Dale has a series of fine art pieces and portraits which are being enjoyed across the nation in individual homes and businesses. In each fine art piece Dale strives to convey the complexity and natural beauty of each subject in an artistic and accurate style, while emphasizing subtle details and dramatic lighting. You can purchase originals, portraits, and limited edition prints by clicking on the fine art link to the left. 
We provide free price estimates for all projects. Each project is unique and the price of a project varies depending on the complexity, detail level, and the medium used in the project. Please contact us so that we may discuss your particular project to determine the amount of time it will require to complete and the price range you can expect. Our services are competitively priced and our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
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